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Comfort Kits

The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation supplies hospital comfort kits to Heart Warriors and those that are sitting bedside with them while in the pediatric intensive care units worldwide.  KHT comfort kits include toiletries, food gift cards, comfort items such as a blanket, water bottle, and teddy bear, fun items for parent and child such as journal, coloring book, crayons, and small activity to do bedside.

Comfort kits are the original donation that The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation provided and they remain an important contribution to the Heart Community.  


If you received a KHT Comfort Kit & would like to share pictures & your story, please email us!

If you know a Heart Warrior who is recovering from surgery or preparing for surgery,

KHT will send a comfort kit free of charge!

"We walked into the PICU after [child]'s open heart surgery and a bag was waiting for us. It brought me to tears knowing that someone out  there knew what we were going through.  The blanket kept me warm and felt like a hug, [child] held on to the bear and still 3 weeks later won't let it go, and I still am thankful for the journal and the bedside activities.  Everything you as parents have been through and you are rising above and keeping Aiden's light shining.  Thank you for making sure all of us heart families feel seen and heard."

Maryland Heart Mom

Comfort Kit Request

Request a KHT Comfort Kit for a Heart Warrior

KHT Comfort Kit Request Form

Giving a Heart Family a KHT Comfort Kit gives them some peace of mind while in the hospital.


Requestor Information

Heart Warrior & Family Information

Shipping Information

The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation sends Comfort Kits worldwide to Heart Warriors and their family to spread inspiration and hope to those sitting bedside with a child - all at no charge.  An average Comfort Kit costs approximately $200 before shipping & handling.  

Help us continue to be able to continue this program free of charge

and make a small contribution to KHT's Comfort Kit fund.

Thank you for spreading hope to a Heart Family!

Sponsor a Comfort Kit for a Heart Family today

Each KHT Comfort Kit costs approximately $200 + postage if shipping.

Any amount towards the Comfort Kit campaign is greatly appreciated!

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