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Funding Beads of Courage
at Local Hospitals

The Beads of Courage program for Cardiac Conditions is fully funded by

The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation at Johns Hopkins Children's Center and upcoming at University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

Without your donations, KHT would not be able to continue providing

this amazing program to such brave Heart Warriors.


Beads of Courage® is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen children and teens coping with serious illness and their families. It is the standard of care in more than 300 children’s hospitals worldwide. Through the program children tell their story using colorful beads that serve as meaningful symbols honoring their courage displayed along their unique treatment path.

Beads of Courage helps to decrease illness-related distress, increase the use of positive coping strategies, helps children find meaning in illness, and restore sense of self in children coping with serious illness. The program also provides something tangible the child can use to tell about their courage displayed during treatment and after.

This program has brought strength, joy, and understanding throughout each milestone that our patients experience. Beads of Courage has given our patients another way to cope with their illness and see how far they’ve come in their health journey. 
Through your meaningful support, you share in our commitment to make the Children’s Center a place of hope and healing, and that’s exactly what this program has done. Thank you again for your partnership. 

- Johns Hopkins Children's Center

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