Put a Superhero Cape
On a Heart Warrior with

The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation has partnered with TinySuperheroes. TinySuperheroes is a squad that empowers children who are overcoming illness or disability. Their mission is to ensure that the world knows just how extraordinary these little warriors are.

KHTxTSH is a partnership to provide these amazing capes for our Heart Warriors who are undergoing surgical interventions to treat their CHD.  Through special superhero capes & our inclusive community, we are able to help amazing kids feel as STRONG as we know they are, feel COURAGEOUS in the midst of their fear, renew their HOPE, & encourage them to DREAM big.

You can sponsor a KHTxTSH cape for a Heart Warrior or purchase one for your own special Heart Warrior by filling out the form below!  Each cape will come with the Heart Warrior's first initial, a KHT patch, & a CHD patch.  

Sponsor or Purchase a KHTxTSH Superhero Cape for an incredible Heart Warrior.
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