Krueger Hat Trick Foundation Nursing Scholarship

To honor Aiden & all of the nursing staff that kept us all comfortable during our time at University of Maryland Children's Hospital, Krueger Hat Trick Foundation is offering a nursing scholarship to graduating high school seniors from Carroll County, Maryland.  Aiden loved all of the nurses, especially the ones that would show the empathy & love that made him the sweet patient he was.  It is in that spirit of support that we are sponsoring the Krueger Hat Trick Foundation Nursing Scholarship.  Two students will be awarded $1,000.  Apply now!  

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Must be a Carroll County, Maryland resident & student

  • Be a graduating high school senior 

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

  • Plan to pursue a bachelor of science nursing degree

  • Submit an introduction in the form below telling us about yourself

  • Submit an essay in the form below answering the following questions:


~ The art of medicine is grounded in empathy & compassion.  Describe a time in your life that helped foster these characteristics, & how you will use that basis to help others in your career.  


~ How do you plan to use your education to give back to the local community?

Award: Two students will be awarded $1,000; nonrenewable to be paid directly to college or university admissions office

Deadline: April 30, 2022

Thank you for submitting!

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May 10, 2022