This is Patrick's Story

Today marks Day One of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. Krueger Hat Trick Foundation will be sponsoring TEN heart patients at University of Maryland Children's Hospital, providing them EACH with a $270 Instacart gift card.

This will provide them with the delivery of the essentials that they need the most--food, personal care items, and more--so that they may focus on the needs of their Heart Warrior. (Additionally, we will be delivering yet another batch of Comfort Kits, which provide helpful items for Heart Families such as blankets, toiletries, stuffed animals, coloring books, slippers, and cell phone chargers.)

Here is the story of a Heart Warrior, 16-month-old Patrick.

Patrick's mother Allysha shares, "At my 19 week anatomy scan, we found out we were carrying a little boy. We were thrilled. However, at the end of the scan, the tech left the room and later came back in and told us the doctor wanted to speak with us. She told us that they couldn’t get a good view of the baby's heart, and according to their measurements, one of his chambers was small.

They sent me to a fetal cardiologist in Hershey to get measurements. While there, he informed me that Patrick had HLHS. He printed off some papers for me to look over and gave me a moment to digest. I have never cried so hard. I sat there thinking of everything that I could have done wrong to cause it.

I spent the last half of my pregnancy terrified for the uncertain future of my son. At 37 weeks I was induced. Twenty hours later, my 6 pound 4 ounce boy entered the world. He was taken to the NICU after I was able to hold him for about a minute. I remember walking into the NICU after he was situated and just crying. How was so small, and so innocent, yet facing something so big. There were more tubes and wires than baby.

At four days old, he went in for surgery. After seven long hours, we were able to see him. He spent two weeks intubated, and another four recovering in the PICU. On Thanksgiving Day 2019, he had a G tube placed and a Nissen Fundoplication done because he was aspirating his stomach contents. We went home after six weeks, only to return two months later for another procedure, and then two weeks recovery time before we went back home.

We have been home ever since. He’s been doing fantastic. We have therapy 3 days a week. He is still 100% tube dependent but we are working on that. His growth is catching up, he’s learning words, he’s trying to walk. He loves his dogs, he loves being outside. He’s such a happy little boy and the light of my life."

We can still use your help! No donation is too small. Visit our website to make a difference.

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