This is Holden's Story

Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) is the most common type of birth defect, and it is approximately 60 times more prevalent than childhood cancer.

One in four babies born with a CHD has a "critical CHD", meaning they will need surgery or other types of procedures typically within the first year of birth.

This is Holden's story.

Holden was born in April 2016. His first two weeks of life were joyous and uneventful. However, one day he suddenly turned blue, which was accompanied with crying and sweating. The next few days, which fell on a weekend, his parents noticed increased fussiness and fatigue. On Monday, Holden had another episode. His mother Meghan took him to the pediatrician, in which the nurse practitioner heard a heart murmur. His oxygen saturation was discovered to be very low, and Holden was rushed to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

Holden was diagnosed with CHD. He has several defects: ventricular inversion, double outlet right ventricle, and subpulmonic VSDs. This means his heart is backwards, his ventricles are switched, and he has three holes in his chambers. Holden remained in the PICU for 20 days. While there, he received his first heart surgery, at just one month of age.

Since then he’s had two heart catheterizations, a CT scan (which required the slowing of his heart), and two more open heart surgeries. Holden will continue to have surgeries for the rest of his life, as he now has an artificial pulmonary valve.

Meghan shares, “People often say, 'I don’t know how you do it.' The truth is, we don’t have a choice, really. We do all that we do for him because we have to, because he’s our son, and because we love him."

This CHD Awareness Week (February 7-14), Krueger Hat Trick Foundation will be sponsoring six heart patients at University of Maryland Children's Hospital, providing them EACH with $500 worth of support, including hospital parking fees, hotel expenses, food costs, and more.

Additionally, we will be delivering yet another batch of Comfort Kits, which provide helpful items for Heart Families such as blankets, toiletries, stuffed animals, coloring books, slippers, and cell phone chargers.

This is where we need your help; no donation is too small. Visit our website to make a difference.

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