How Krueger Hat Trick Foundation Started

Aiden was a smart, strong, resilient little boy who made such a large impact on so many. However, Einstein said that if you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree, he’ll believe his whole life he’s stupid - and I truly believe that. All people are different - we all have different ways of giving back to the world. Some are pretty straight forward and others are a little more hidden. Who would have ever thought that my 2.5 year-old boy would make the changes in people that he did. Why did we start Krueger Hat Trick Foundation? After Aiden’s passing I had two options - stay in bed with a bottle of wine all day or get up and make something positive come out of this horrible situation. Since then, I’ve learned to accept things I cannot change and people have come out of the woodwork to help us change the lives of others. Now don’t get me wrong, I would do anything to have him back, but that’s not an option. What happened happened. But what has come out of it has been inspiring. The response we received when announcing that KHT was a thought was overwhelming, so we knew we had to do this. This was supposed to happen - this is what Aiden was here to do.

The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation is a non-profit organization whole-heartedly devoted to providing financial aid and hope for families inflicted by Congenital Heart Defects/Disease. Every year nearly 40,000 babies are born with CHD, which is nearly 110 children per day. Despite these numbers, CHDs are not well-known and research is underfunded.

The mission of the Krueger Hat Trick Foundation is to fund research for severe Congenital Heart Defects. We believe that every child deserves a better quality of life than what they were dealt. Our goal is to fund research and to provide grants in order to move one step closer to improving surgical methods.

The KHT is partnering with University of Maryland Medical Center and surrounding Children’s Heart Programs to provide hygiene kits and basic necessities to families both awaiting and recovering from heart surgeries. We also will be providing grants to families suffering hardship due to their child’s heart defect, as well as providing healing experiences to fighting and bereaved families. We have also partnered with a professional photographer to document and capture the beauty of families going through the heart journey.

The Krueger Hat Trick Foundation is the perfect representation of Aiden’s hopeful spirit. Aiden had a huge personality and an even bigger smile that lit up a room. We believe that Aiden can continue to spread that light through others. Together we can be his light. No one walks this journey alone. #AidenStrong

**KHT is a recognized 501c3 charity, so all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.**

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