CHD Awareness Week

February 7th - 14th
CHD is the world’s most common birth defect, affecting 1.35 million infants every year worldwide.

Supporting CHD Week is an incredible way to give back during Heart Month. Not only will a Heart Family who is affected by CHD be touched from receiving support, but your own family members will see firsthand the joy of giving and what it looks like to be involved in your community.  We will share stories of Heart Warriors & families that you've helped throughout the week. 

To give the support these families are in need of we are donating $500 worth of support to each family.  The support will range from parking passes to gift cards for food in & around the hospital to covering some of their hotel stays for out of town patients.  

We are asking for any amount that you can donate to help with this cause.  You can make a large impact on a few people that are asking for a bit of hope during a very difficult time.

Family Support

Making a Difference

Supporting Heart Families spending long nights and full days in the hospital with their Heart Warriors. Together, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the lives of these families. Donate to support a Heart Faamily today.

Comfort Kits

Share the Love

Ensuring each and every Heart Warrior feels special, loved, and cared for. Donate a Krueger Hat Trick Comfort Kit and help provide some hope and light to a Heart Warrior and their family.


Tackling the Issue

We see an opportunity to make a difference for future Heart Warriors. Donate to support research that is improving CHD interventions and changing the lives of Heart Warriors.