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CHD Awareness Week

February 7 - 14

When you donate to Krueger Hat Trick Foundation, you aren't just donating money.  You are providing hope to a Heart Family.


I'm sure you know February is American Heart Month, but there is one month where our little Heart Warriors can shine!  February 7th-14th is CHD Awareness Week and is the perfect time for us to spread awareness and help as many as possible.


Every 15 minutes a newborn enters this world with a CHD.  And still the understanding of why CHDs occur is widely unknown.  Currently CHDs are presumed to be genetic, but only a few genes have been discovered that have been linked to heart defects.  

Heart Warriors will forever be "Heart Patients" and with that comes a large social and financial impact.  Successful treatment requires highly specialized care.  Treatment for severe congenital heart defects requires extensive financial resources, including the costs associated with hospitalization.  Children with developmental delays also require community - and school-based resources to achieve their full potential. 

Being a Heart Family is difficult.  Having a child with a CHD can put an enormous emotional and financial strain on a family.  We hope you open your heart this Heart Month and help us provide hope to Heart Families.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help spread awareness and provide hope during this CHD Awareness Week!

Krueger Hat Trick Foundation is providing the following to Heart Families at both University of Maryland Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children's Center:

* Comfort Kits

* Grocery gift cards

* Parking 

* Items the hospitals are in need of

We need your help!  In order to do this, it will cost approximately $8,500!

  • Donate money to KHT Foundation for CHD Week

  • Purchase items from our Amazon Wish List that local hospitals requested

  • Help KHT purchase $10 Starbucks and $10 Subway gift cards for Comfort Kits

         (cards can be sent to PO Box 725, New Windsor, MD 21776)

  • If there are items that you would like to donate (baby blankets, hats, etc), please email hello@thekht.org and we will schedule a pickup date/time


Thank you for your support in helping Krueger Hat Trick Foundation continue to spread Aiden's light and provide hope for so many Heart Families!

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